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Goddess Pilgrimage to Delphi, Eleusis and Athens – Booking Form

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    A non-refundable deposit of £250 paid by 1st January 2019 secures your place.

    The balance of £445 is payable by May 1st 2019.

    Payments can be made directly into Kathy’s bank account - Iona will send you details on receipt of your booking form.

    If you’re paying from outside the UK you may find Transferwise useful as their fees are lower than those of most banks. You can find them at

    Please note that if you're using Paypal, these payments attract an additional fee of £10 for the deposit and £15 for the balance - a total of £25 on the full pilgrimage fee.

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    About your health

    Because the nature of this pilgrimage can be transformative and energetic it is important for us to know of certain mental & physical conditions. Answering these questions enables us to ensure your safe participation within the group and to recognise those times when it may be wiser to observe rather than to participate. It is a requirement for you to answer the following questions. All information is held in total confidence.

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    *Do you have, or have you had, any medical problems of an acute or chronic nature?


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    *Do you have any physical needs that it would be useful for us to know about?


    *Are you taking any drugs, prescribed or otherwise?


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