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Remembering the Nine Morgens

On Finding Treasure: Mystery Plays of the Goddess

Epilogue: And They Call Her Name Wisdom

AriadneDuring the summer of 1994 I began to have ideas for an alchemical allegory based on the legends and landscape of Glastonbury and Avalon, featuring the mysterious Nine Morgens who rule the Isle of Avalon and Merlin. Alchemy is the mystical science of the blending of the inner and outer elements of the psyche in order to find the Philosopher’s Stone or in other words the Stone of Sophia, who is also known as Wisdom. Wisdom throughout the ages and in all religious traditions is a feminine quality by its very nature, appearing in the form of the Goddess Sophia or Lady Alchymia. Part of this quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone involves the making of a substance which can transmute ba

se metal into gold, both a physical and a mystical experience. The processes of alchemy are as mysterious and obscure today as they ever were in the past. I began to read some alchemical writings in my attempt to understand what it was all about.

One of the fundamental alchemical experiments involves the heating together for a long time, sometimes years, in a sealed vessel of a prima materia – primal matter with red and white elements. During the long process they pass through various stages of transformation changing in colour from black to white to red to yellow (interestingly all traditional Goddess colours) with various stages in between, one delightful one known as the peacock’s tail when the contents of the athenor sparkle with iridescent blue and green. The uniting of the red and the white appears in many mystical traditions, the red symbolising the blood of the womb, of life and woman, and white representing the seminal fluid and sperm of man. Their union culminates in the rite of the Sacred Marriage both internally creating wholeness and externally in sexual communion.

In the early autumn when I had understood as much as I was able about alchemy and wisdom I wrote a play entitled AND THEY CALL HER NAME WISDOM – A Hymn of Praise and sent the call out for participants. Performers came forward for most roles, except for the main female lead – Jasmine. We began rehearsals without her and creating music with Jana Runnalls, Lydia, Katrina and Moses. Jana is a fine musician and singer who had recently moved to Glastonbury from Devon with Katrina. Everything was going fine except for some reason, I couldn’t find the right woman to play Jasmine. One person came forward then withdrew, then another took it on but also withdrew, just two and a half weeks from the performance date. It was strange because until now it had always been far easier to find women performers than men, but the tables had turned and now there were more men available than women. I couldn’t take in what was happening at first. Where was the synchronicity of Ariadne’s energy wave I had always relied upon – the belief that someone would always turn up at the right moment to play a part. For some reason it wasn’t happening. I had always trusted that everything would be alright in the end and that everything that happened was as it was meant to be. Now it seemed She had let me down.

No-one suitable appeared to play Jasmine and anyway it was all too late. No-one could learn the lines in time. We decided to postpone the production until the following year.

Stopping production when it was underway was awful. Energetically it was like being hit by a truck. The energy was all flowing forward and then it stopped and we all lurched forward. For a few days we were in shock. But there was nothing to do but wait until the energy wanted to move again. After a while some realisations began to dawn. It became obvious that by trying to perform a sacred drama about alchemy we had of course synchronously entered the alchemical process itself and since alchemy involves spending a lot of time being heated up in an enclosed space, we would just have to wait for as long as it takes, until the time is right and the processes of transformation have taken place.

Beltane 1995 came but the energy wasn’t there for performance and it seemed we were postponed at least until Samhain or the Winter Solstice. Then a nightmare entered my life. Just after Lammas 1995 I found a thickening in my breast and was diagnosed as having breast cancer. My life took a nose-dive as I experienced the debilitating yet life-saving effects of conventional medicine and faced my great fear of dying. The pain was alleviated by large doses of complementary medicine and the love and prayers of many friends. Cancer is a disease of transformation. The theory is very simple – transform your life or die. But what on earth does transformation really mean and when you’ve faced all you can face? Is it enough to stay alive?

The play of synchronicity is a major feature in the creation of sacred drama and I am as susceptible as any of Ariadne’s participants to the touch of her spirit. A little insight came to me as I sat in hospital waiting for my first injection of severely poisonous chemotherapy. The doctor appeared with two large syringes, one filled with a bright red fluid and the other with a clear whitish fluid and began to slowly inject them into the back of my hand. It made me smile as I realised that in this alchemical experiment the red and the white were being united in the athenor of my body. Oh! Ariadne always has a trick or two up her sleeve to catch the unwary. I can only pray that a little of her wisdom will come my way as this process of transformation continues.


Cast Lists and Production Details

Written and arranged by Kathy Jones and Leona Aroha
Directed by Kathy Jones
Produced by Kathy Jones and Leona Aroha
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, Beltane 1987

Apple Mac/The Great Goddess Herself Pauline Watson
Serpent/Claimant the First Father Roland Pargeter
Flower Children Mystica, Iona, Josie, Rohini & Anjuli
Ariadne, High Priestess of Krete, Daughter of Pasiphae Susheela Milburn
Pasiphae, Queen of Krete Thea Valerie
Phaedra, Princess heiress to Throne, Daughter of Pasiphae & Minos Katrina Brown
Minos, King Consort to Pasiphae, Father of Androgeus David Manzi-Fe
Daedalus, Master Craftsman, Father of Icarus Roland Pargeter
The Minotaur Asterion Pete Williams
Priestesses Oshia Drury, Willow Roe

DANCERS Lynne Dodd, Howard Dodd, Colin Harrison, Carol Huck, Yohanna Modzelewska, Oshia Drury, Pete Williams, Paul Hunter, Clive Andrews & Dee Mellish
MUSIC composed and played by Steve Joliffe
SONGS arranged by Thea Valerie, Moon Maze by Oshia Drury
SETS by Diana Griffiths; COSTUMES by Jan Preece & Ave Reiter;
MASKS by Willow and Mo; MAKE UP by Anna Preece.
LIGHTING by Steve Dorbar and Patrick Martin; SOUND by Steve Thomas
ARTWORK by Jan Graves, Richard Elen and Labyrinth Networks

THE SCAPEGOAT – A Beltane Mystery Play
Written by Kathy Jones and Peter Davis
Directed by Kathy Jones, Peter Davis, Carla Billinghurst & Pete Williams
Produced by Kathy Jones
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, Beltane 1988

Aphrodite Liz Gilbert
Aphshad (Aphrodite’s Shadow) Oshia Drury
Animus (Aphrodite’s) Geoff the Fish
Adonis Roland Pargeter
Adshad (Adonis’ Shadow) Ean D’Albion
Anima (Adonis’) Danielle Etxexuri
Fool, Judas, Underworld Gatekeeper, Azazel – Chthonic Desert God David Urie
High Priestess, Mary Magdalena, Grand Inquisitor, Scapegoater Carla Billinghurst
Moon Queen, Mother Mary, Ereshkigal – Queen of the Underworld, Scapegoater Kathy Jones
Crone Priestess, Mary Martha, Scapegoater, Butterfly Woman Anthia de la Rosh
Old Lunar Consort, Butterfly Man, Underworld Gate Patrick Martin
New Lunar Consort, Jesus, Grand Inquisitor, Underworld Gate Pete Williams
Sergeant Sniff Patrick Stewart
Private Snott Vishnudeva
Children Iona Jones, Rohini Drury
Attendant – Court of Life Jeff the Fish
Attendant – Court of Life Danielle Etxexuri

MUSIC composed, played and sung by Tim Hall, Lydia Lite, Sheena Johnstone, Willow Roe, Susheela Milburn, Chris Craig, Vivienne Andreae, Lawrence Sharpe & Dante
SETS designed and made by Phillipa Bowers, constructed by Charlie Barley
COSTUMES & MASKS by Diana Griffiths with help from Ave Reiter
MAKE UP & HAIR by Jan Preece and Pixie
PROPS made by Willow Roe, Chris Craig, with Sheena Johnstone & Charlie Howard
LIGHTING by Jacky Slade and Steven Clarke
ARTWORK by Jan Graves & Aichard Fraser; PROGRAMME & PR by Richard Fraser;
TYPING Sue Barnet; TYPESETTING by Alistair Seighart
PRINTING by Unique Publications

Sponsored by Neil Godbold, Community Education Officer & Somerset County Council, Community Education Committee

A Mystery Play concerning Death & Transformation
Written by Kathy Jones with Peter Davies
Directed and produced by Kathy Jones
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms Winter Solstice 1988

Satianni/Daisy Sleuth the Detective Carla Billinghurst
Shenzi(Dick Sleuth the Detective Tim Hall
Lepchani David Kreps
Dyanam Palden Jenkins
Sola Sally Pullinger
Mara/Serpent Syamagha
Trypta Lilly Mayborn
Boatwoman/Princess Moon of Wisdom, Knowledge/Green Tara Alexis Manzi-Fe
Dundhubi – the Drum Sound Lydia Lite
Lord of Action, Lord of Death Jagadeesh
Yellow Tara, Wolf Shiona Phillip
Yellow Lord, Lion Dreow Rune
Blue Tara, Elephant Danielle Etxexuri
Blue Lord, Bear Jacob Jones
Green Tara, Snake Zia
Green Lord, Eagle Ali
Red Tara, Moose Sheena Johnstone
Red Lord, Buffalo Mathew donFrancesco
Tibetan Nunks and Monkies Diana Griffiths, Kathy Jones, Lydia Lite, Mike Orunie, Oshia Drury, Russ Stanley, Vivienne Andreae

MUSIC composed, arranged and played by Tim Hall, Lydia Lite, Mike Orunie, Oshia Drury, Russ Stanley & Vivienne Andreae
DANCES arranged by Sheena Johnstone & Dancers
SETS constructed by Ean D’Albion & Dominic Mogridge
COSTUMES & PROPS Jan Preece; MAKE UP & HAIR Pixie & Jan Preece
MASKS made by the cast, Seamus & Peter the Potter
LIGHTING by Ean D’Albion
ARTWORK, PROGRAMME & PR by Carolyn Rodman & Richard Oldfield
TYPESETTING Richard Oldfield & Suzi Marcelo-Ripley
PRINTING Unique Publications

Sponsored by Barry Dodd & Neil Godbold of Community Education, HTV and Artcraft.

A Samhain Healing Rite
Written by Kathy Jones
Arranged by Kathy Jones, Mike Jones, Ivan McBeth, Sheena Johnstone
Produced by Kathy Jones
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms Samhain 1992

Guardian of the Eastern Gate Peter Vallance
White Anka Kathy Jones
Yellow Shaman Ivan McBeth
Red Anka Sheena Johnstone
Black Shaman Mike Jones
Sara Jevo Lucy Lepchani
Fisher King Stefan Batorijs
White Snake Sue Squire
Yellow Mare Thalia Brown
Red Stag Richard Fraser
Black Boar Anthony Ward
White Swan Claire Jones
Yellow Dove Moses (Alan) Kingsbury
Red Hen Su Newcombe
Black Crow Yanu Zsigo
Chain Woman Andrea Rogers
Girl in pain Rana
Drug Dealer Ean D’Albion
Speedman Tim Hall
Monster Jamie George
Spear Maiden Liz Gilbert Morgan
Grael Queen Ruth Rose
Skull Crone Rosalind Neville
Ferryman Robert Glasset
Meditator Ali
Child Iona, Muffin, Rohini

MUSIC composed by Tim Hall. Songs performed by Tim Hall, Lydia Lite, Sally Pullinger, Kelvin Brown, Rana, Oshia Drury, Dreow Rune, Vivienne Andreae, Willow Roe.
SET designed and constructed by Chris Craig with Seamus, Mark & Roland.
LIGHTING by Alberto Felisatti
COSTUMES made by the cast with a little help from friends.
SHIELDS designed & painted by Willow Roe, Thalia Brown, Jo Fryer & Roberta Pickett
ARTWORK Willow Roe
SOUND & PA Graham Russell
PROGRAMME & PR Kathy Jones, Mike Jones
PRINTING Unique Publications

Sponsored by some special angels Barry Taylor, Charles Shepherd, Edwene Gaines, Elinore Dettige & Street Theatre Workshop Trust.

A Beltane Mystery Play
Written, Directed & Produced by Kathy Jones
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms Beltane 1993

Yeshe, Tibetan Nun Su Newcombe
Garjey, Tibetan Monk Roland Pargeter
Mumbling Nuns & Monks Kathy Jones, Ivan McBeth, Serena Roney Dougal, Roger Andre
Maia, Olwen, Blodeuwedd Sarah Jane Sampson
Atisha the Boatman Moses (Alan) Kingsbury
Math ap Mathonwy/Kalachakra Jonny Green
Gwydion Will Glenn
Arianrhod/White Hind/Vishvamata Sheena Johnstone
Red Drop Sue Squire
White Drop Richard Fraser
Young Dylan Jethro Lawrence
Young Liew Charlie Lawrence
Wren Rowan Hennessy
Branwen/White Crow/Raven Pauline Gibb
Loui/Llew Llaw Gyffes/Gronw Pebyr Jerome Sarris
Sakyamuni Buddha Ivan McBeth
Suchanandra, King of Shambhala Chris Norris

MUSIC composed & performed by Moses, Mike Jones, Oshia Drury, Vivienne Andreae, Rana, Jane Stacy & Lydia Lite
WALL HANGINGS designed and painted by Willow Roe, Thalia Brown, Jo Fryer, with
help from Richard Fraser, Roger Andre & Sara Schaffrath
ARTWORK by Willow Roe
COSTUMES made by the cast with a little help from friends
PROPS & additional set by Chris Craig
LIGHTING Alberto Felisatti
SOUND & PA Graham Russell
PROGRAMME & PR Kathy Jones, Mike Jones, Roland Pargeter
PRINTING Unique Publications

Sponsored by Mendip District Council and the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.

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