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Remembering the Nine Morgens

A Goddess Temple in Glastonbury

(The Goddess Temple now has its own website – please visit here for more information)

Our vision: to create a Temple openly dedicated to the Goddess here in Glastonbury – a sacred space where all our love for Her is welcomed.

A place set aside for the Lady of Avalon. A place of beauty, love and welcoming joy. A place for those who love Her to meet each other. A place for celebrations, rituals, rites of passage, for all seasons of the year and for all aspects of Goddess. Where we may laugh and cry, sing and weep in her loving embrace.

Walking through the sacred landscapes of Avalon, Avebury and Stonehenge, of Brigit’s (British) Isles, of Europe and America, we find ourselves bathed in the radiant energies of the Goddess’s bounteous nature – and it feels so good. Here we touch the lives of peoples who, thousands of years ago, lived in harmony with the Great Goddess, building stone, wood and earthen temples in the landscape to honour Her as Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone, Giver and Sustainer of all Life, Creatrix, Transformer, Redeemer and Bringer of Death and Regeneration.

It is in these magical ancient places that we glimpse a different way of being. Memories and visions come to us of other lives we have lived which were dedicated to Her, perhaps recalling an ancient priestess and priesthood in which once we served.

Today however most of these temples and sacred landscapes lie in ruins, their secrets returned to the earth. We have to use all our imagination to remember how once it was, before the Goddess was dishonoured, before the stones were removed from Her circles, before Her temples were destroyed and Her words and songs forgotten.

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