Asphodel Long, Goddess Foremother in Brigit’s Isles

Asphodel - image © Magenta Wise
I was fortunate enough to meet Asphodel Long many years ago and to know her as a friend and inspiration on my Goddess path. In the 1980s Asphodel came to Glastonbury several times and I remember a ceremony we held with a group of women at Chalice Well, releasing to the waters all that we didn’t want to hold onto. In 1989 with artists Monica Sjoo, Jill Smith, Philippa Bowers and Joanna Corner, Asphodel helped create “The Goddess Re-emerging” – an exhibition at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. On one of the days during the exhibition there were talks and workshops and Asphodel shared some of her Goddess knowledge with us. This event was one of the inspirations for creating the Glastonbury Goddess Conference where Goddess-loving people can come together to share knowledge and inspiration, ceremony and creativity. Asphodel was one of our important presenters at the first Goddess Conference which was held in 1996.

The video below gives a flavour of Asphodel and her pioneering work from the 1950s and 60s onwards. This has been made available by the artist scholar Lydia Ruyle.




May 25, 1921 – February 1, 2005

The Quest for the Goddess by Asphodel P. Long (1921-2005) is a short video which features Asphodel teaching about her research on the female aspects of deity. Known as the Grandmother Goddess of the UK, she was an activist, writer, teacher and feminist theologian. In a charming British accent, Asphodel describes the Goddess as Mistress of Nature, Fertility and Sexuality, Queen of Heaven, Lady of the Beasts, Triple Goddesses and the Moon, Goddesses in the Landscape and the Goddess Today. The twelve minute video was recorded in 1992 and recently converted to a digital format. You can watch the video right here below, or click on the link below the video to see it on YouTube.


The Quest for the Goddess / Asphodel Long

“When we raise Her, we raise ourselves,
When we raise ourselves, we raise Her.”

Asphodel P. Long 

For the Glastonbury Goddess Tours Reunion | August 2000 

 Dear women who have made the pilgrimage
To far off lands to seek Her mystery
And teach yourselves your own sweet heritage,

And meet Her, new found, with Her your life engage
In temples, caves, and ancient masonry
Dear women who have made the pilgrimage

Who seek to understand the old language
Wiped from our souls with such ferocity
But never lost, now bright upon the page

As banners fly with Her immense image
On hill and tower, they shake triumphantly-
And teach yourselves your own sweet heritage,

Dance sing and shout for joy, regain the stage
For women everywhere in slavery
Help them find Her in all their righteous rage.

Bless all who work to build the Goddess Age
Who mark the path of our own life’s journey,
Dear women who have made the pilgrimage
And teach yourselves your own sweet heritage.

– Asphodel Long