Chiron in Labrys


The Basic Premises

We are all natural healers. When we are in good health healing energy naturally flows out through our bodies and auras, whether we are conscious of it or not. Whenever we touch another person with love, whenever we hug, caress or massage each other, when we stroke an animal, when we care for plants, when we create with our hands, when we smile, when we laugh, when we sing and dance, energy moves outwards from our centre.

The aim of this book is to encourage the conscious development of our natural healing abilities, by taking personal responsibility for the energies which are available to us as human energy beings. While we live in a physical universe which is bounded by time and space we are essentially energy beings – eternal, limitless and free. This energy is not something which is separate from us, a divinity which exists outside of us. It is an essence within which we recognise as our Source.

We begin with some basic premises about life and our place in the scheme of things. These premises are but one step beyond those currently accepted by science. Some of them you may find challenging to encompass with your logical mind but they are there to be tested by experience. They form a necessary basis for understanding the nature of energy and healing and will be amplified throughout the book.

All is energy and energy is all there is

In purely physical terms we live and move and have our being in an eternal, infinite, interlocking system of energies and forces that compose our universe. Some of these energies appear to our five senses to be solid and have form, even though when we examine them closely they seem to disappear Into nothing but space and energy.

We look at our hands. We see them with our eyes, we can touch them with our skin, we can smell them, we can taste the surface. If our ears were sensitive enough we could hear them living and breathing. When we look more closely we see the skin itself with its indentations, pigmentation, its transparency and underneath we can see the blood moving in our veins. Under a microscope we can see the cells which make up the tissues and the long chain molecules of which they are composed. Under the higher definition of the electron microscope, individual atoms become visible. When we examine these atoms more closely we find that matter itself seems to melt away and what we have left is energy. This energy acts at times as if it is pure energy without form and at other times as if it is composed of minute particles. This is true for any material form that we examine. Einstein formulated the relationship between energy and matter in the mathematical equation: E = MC2, where E is energy, M is mass of an object, and C is the speed at which light travels. Einstein realised that energy and matter are interchangeable.

For all of us whether we are scientists, healers or ordinary(!) human beings, life is essentially an energy experience. None of us are focused in purely material reality. Although we must all eat food, drink water and breathe air to survive we actually spend most of our time in the non-physical worlds of feelings and thoughts, with occasional glimpses of a deeper world within and beyond. We are continually moved, swayed and transformed by energies which though physically immaterial, mould our actions and determine our behaviour and experience.

Energy, consciousness and form

For the healer the relationship between energy and matter is not just one of interchangeability. It is causal – energy always precedes a material form. To create a material form, energy which is organised in the form of Consciousness must be present. Consciousness or Being or Soul – what IS, is that coherent, integral, present, one and indivisible matrix of love energy shared by all forms in manifestation in our universe. Consciousness itself is organised into different forms, with different degrees of complexity. There are beings who ensoul planets, beings who manifest as plants, animals, as pebbles, and there are human beings.

The Soul is both individual and communal. We are each uniquely ourselves and we are all one and indivisible. The soul is the expression of divine life. It is governed by purpose and motivated by love.

All forms of consciousness appear to have a centre from which energy radiates, creating an energy field which surrounds them. This energy field is characterised by the quality of energy of the informing being and it is within this energy field that a physical form manifests itself and appears for us all to see.

As human beings we are Sparks of divine life expressing ourselves in a form of consciousness which is variously described in religious literature as the Soul, Psyche, Being, the High Priestess, the Christ within, the Goddess within, the Buddha within, etc., and in occult and psychological texts as the Self, the Deeper Self, the Higher Self, the Egoic Lotus, the Ego, the Charioteer, the Solar Angel and the Causal Body. In this book I shall use the terms Soul, Being and Consciousness interchangeably to describe our individual and collective what-isness.

The energy of the soul expresses itself in human form through the medium of mental and emotional energies, which condition seven (sometimes there are more or less depending on the system taught) major energy centres or chakras in the human etheric body. This etheric or light body is an interconnecting web of energy threads on which the atoms of physical matter find their place, allowing a physical form to appear.

Two streams of life and consciousness anchor into the body via a dual life thread, known as the sutratma. The life aspect of the sutratma anchors into the heart and the consciousness aspect anchors into the brain. A third stream, the earth thread, anchors into the base chakra, anchoring us in the physicality of Planet Earth.

Health, disease and healing

According to the teachings of Alice Bailey we are healthy when the energy of the soul is flowing freely through our minds and feelings, via the seven chakras out into the physical body. Disease comes when there is an excess, inhibition or blockage in the flow of soul energy through our mental and emotional bodies and into or out of the seven chakras, catalysed by both internal and external stimuli. Disease can be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual depending on the location of the point of friction.

At all times it is our soul which determines our experience. The nature of the individual soul is to attract to itself the experiences it requires for the fulfilment of its purposes. These experiences can be positive or negative. We may be conscious of our soul purpose and identified with it or we may be completely unaware of it. It is the call of our soul to its expression, the personality, ever to expand to accommodate and express the soul’s true nature, which at times creates points of friction and thus disease.

We begin to incarnate into physical life at the moment of conception, when two tiny human cells come together and unite to form one new whole person. Through life our physical bodies are constantly changing as we grow from helpless babyhood to adult independence, before we grow old and die. Emotionally and psychologically we also go through tremendous changes, growing through time into a fuller expression of our Self in the world through learning, remembering and experience. Potentially we have the opportunity to grow into greater personal fulfilment, happiness and joy through the expression of our unique and individual natures. Whenever soul expression is consistently impeded or distorted disease is likely to arise.

As esoteric soul healers our aim is to encourage soul expression in ourselves and other people. We work directly with consciousness and a person’s energy field as well as the physical effects of the disease. We centre ourselves in our own being and consciously radiate soul energy. We create an energy field that allows the sick person to come into resonance with the energy of their soul which can heal them. Soul energy flows into their etheric body via the chakras, the sutratma and the earth thread clearing blockages, removing excess energy, stimulating the energy bodies and the immune system, allowing healing to take place.

When healing occurs a resolution of the energy imbalance takes place which can be felt by both the sick person and the healer within their own energy fields. This resolution may take place during the actual healing session or sometimes in the following days. When healing has not occurred there is usually no sense of resolution.

When we are unsuccessful in our efforts to heal we need to remember that although we can always improve our techniques, healing is truly in the domain of the patient’s own soul. The cause of the disease may not yet have reached fruition. For the esoteric soul healer the secret of healing lies in an awareness of timing and the rhythms of being.

Experiencing energy

We experience physical energies through our five physical senses of touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. Non-physical energies we register through subtle faculties connected to the chakras and the subtle energy bodies. We experience emotional and astral energies via our solar plexus chakra. We experience mental energies through the throat chakra and centres in the head. We also have faculties of clairvoyance and clairaudience through the centres in the head, which allow us to see and hear subtle energies. We can communicate with each other astrally via the emotional body, telepathically via our minds or causally, soul to soul. In most of us these subtle faculties are erratic, uncontrolled and indiscriminately used.

The key to understanding the nature of the soul and its emanated energy field lies in the development of the sixth sense – the intuition, the common sense which unifies all the others. The intuition is that state of awareness which is by definition, in tune with the laws of nature. It is the space where truth iS. Intuition is pure reason and is also known as buddhi. It is contacted via the antaskarana or rainbow bridge, which we build in mental and emotional matter, connecting our personality to the world of spirit via the soul.

This connection is developed whenever we create or act from our centre, our soul. Any creative activity into which we put our heart and soul calls forth intuition. It doesn’t just have to be a spiritual activity like meditation, it can be cake-making, car maintenance, painting, writing, business, gardening, etc., whatever we love to do. Through creative action we slowly build the rainbow bridge, even if we are unconscious of the way in which we use intuition in the process. We can also build the antaskarana consciously through meditation and the circulation of energy through the major energy centres in the head.

Primarily however we develop intuition by recognising its existence and its importance, by listening to it and acting upon the inner messages we receive about ourselves, other people, situations, ideas, etc.. The wonderful thing is that as soon as we act upon the information that intuition gives us, there is an automatic response from our environment which confirms its existence and truth. Our lives and the decisions we make about people and events begin to work for us. Life becomes easier.

Healing is an art and an esoteric science in which once we establish energy connections between ourselves and the patient, we work completely under the guidance of intuition. We don’t try to think our way through the healing process, we don’t wishfully hope for healing – although this may be difficult to exclude, we follow our Intuition, our inner guide. This is our connection with the truth of being and when we follow It we act from that truth, allowing healing to take place.

Energy follows thought and feeling

Within the wider context of reality, we all help to create the world around us by our individual and collective thoughts, feelings and dreams. We are unique individual creative souls and we are part of th€ collective soul of the planet on which we live and move and have our being. The way in which we experience our world is constrained by the ideas that we have about the world. As we think and feel so the world is. On the personal level if we see the world as a hard place to live, that is usually how we experience it. If we can change our ideas, our feelings and thoughts about the world then our experience often changes too.

And it is by thought and feeling that we can change the world around us. Everything in existence begins as an idea in some being’s consciousness. Fuelled by desire an idea gathers energy until it becomes concretised into form. Every thing that human beings create begins as an idea without form. Every building, every machine, every thing we wear, everything we design, everything we organise began as an idea. The United Nations Assembly began life as an idea in the consciousness of one or several human beings. It is an idea of unity in diversity between the peoples of the world, providing a forum for communication between people to bring peace to the world. It doesn’t yet succeed in all its aims, but it exists and is alive and functioning. It began as an idea and evolved through feeling and thought, and it is materialising.

healing energy triangle

The power of creative imagination

Imagination is the creative faculty of mind and energy follows in its wake. It is the key to successful healing practice. Instead of dismissing imagination as a realm of fantasy as healers we recognise this faculty as a creative force in the healing process. The cancer patient who is able to visualise themselves as whole and well, who can see their cancer being destroyed by imaginary laser beams or sharks or pacmen, is much more likely to recover from their disease than the person who is conditioned by hopelessness and fear of the disease. So too the healer’s active imagination helps create the correct conditions for the healing of the patient.

In the healing process we consciously use thought and feeling to visualise and to circulate energy. We use the power of creative imagination to generate a radiating energy field and to establish and maintain energy connections between ourselves and the patient. We visualise the release of blocked energy, the activities of devic and angelic forces and the healing energies doing their work.

In esoteric soul healing energy is envisioned as moving in triangles. As healers we generate energy by circulating energy through at least three points which we visualise with our imagination. These three points can be in the physical, etheric, astral , mental or soul vehicles, that is, in more than one dimension of reality. For example, one point may be in the healer’s soul or consciousness, and the other two may be chakras in the etheric body, as shown overleaf. This particular triangle is used to generate the note sounded by our soul in the heart chakra.

This requires facility in using the imagination to link through different energy dimensions, but after all this is what the imagination is for. This ability comes with practice.

Truth, beauty and goodness

There is a drive within all energy beings towards the experience and expression of three basic qualities of energy. These three qualities are Truth, Beauty and Goodness. How they are expressed and experienced depends on the degree of unfoldment in consciousness within any particular energy being.

Truth is what IS. It is that which accords with the laws of nature. In our human experience all truth lies in the moment and is relative. What is true for us today may not always be true tomorrow. It is true for humans, animals and plants that the sun always rises in the morning, shines through the day and sets in the evening. For the being who ensouls the galaxy of which we are a tiny part and who lives through aeons of time, our always does not last forever. Our sun is one of thousands that evolve from interstellar gases, shine for a span and then return to stardust. Our sun will not always shine.

In our everyday lives the drive to experience Truth shows itself in the ways in which we repeat psychological and physical patterns over and over again throughout our lives. These patterns are in our relationships, in our attitudes, in the way we see ourselves and our environment, becoming a framework of limitation. They spiral onwards until we recognise the Truth inherent within or denied by those patterns. We go on repeating ourselves until we experience and express what IS as far as our consciousness is able to take us. We know when something is true when the energy involved in resistance is released as all tension disappears and a piece of the jigsaw clicks into place.

We have all seen and felt the Beauty in a flower. We have all marvelled at the Beauty in a child’s face and gasped at the beautiful sight of our the Earth viewed as one whole from space. There is Beauty which is skin deep and a quality of the matter which makes up the physical world and there is Beauty which comes from within and is a quality of the soul. This Beauty appears as we unfold into ourselves and begin to express our true nature in the outer world.

Again what we experience as Beauty is relative to our culture and perspective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A large rounded woman is beautiful to an Arab man as she signals abundance and wealth, but she may be despised in western cultures as fat and out of control. A compost heap is beautiful to a gardener because she knows it contains nutrients essential for the next season’s fertility, but that rotting heap is not necessarily beautiful to anyone else.

We all have within us the drive to express the Beauty of our soul and the degree to which we do so is the mark of our soul.

Goodness is a quality of essence, the divine Spark which we are. Deep within each of us, sometimes lying hidden, is the need to experience and express Goodness. This is not a moral value, although morality is one of the ways in which Goodness finds expression in the world. We all know a Good person when we meet one and they are not usually people who make judgments about other people’s goodness or badness. Goodness is the jewel in the lotus of the soul. It is there in all of us waiting to be revealed.

In the etheric body Truth, Beauty and Goodness are expressed via the Throat, Heart and Crown chakras. Disease is often the result of our inability to recognise and/or express Truth, Beauty and Goodness within ourselves, in others and in the situations in which we find ourselves. As healers we attempt to assist our patients in finding what is Truth for them in their lives, to reveal the Beauty which lies within their own soul, and to express the Goodness which is their essence.

Harmlessness and non-interference

The principles of harmlessness and non-interference govern all our actions as healers. Our stance is to always act from a place of harmlessness where nothing that we do can harm another life form. This stance brings us face to face with our own limitations and pushes us onwards to become better human beings.

As healers we must always keep our will in check. The concentrated will of any individual or the directed will of a united group should never be used in healing. Will energy can greatly increase the patient’s disease rather than healing it. It can stimulate the disease and disrupt instead of cooperating with nature’s healing forces. Will is not used, only love.

In each of us there is a wisdom of being which guides our experiences for the fulfilment of its own purpose. This wisdom directs us towards those experiences which bring us ever into fuller expression of our soul’s energy here on earth. As healers we assume that each person knows, somewhere within them, consciously or unconsciously, what is correct for them. We may not always be able to act upon that knowledge but when we do we know it is correct because it feels right.

Esoteric soul healing has powerful energetic effects within the human aura and should not to be used lightly as it can have definite, profound effects. If a person who is ill does not want to receive healing from us, then we do not attempt to interfere with their energy field for what may appear to us to be for their good. We cannot, we do not see and know everything that is happening for anyone else, let alone ourselves. It is only the individual who can truly perceive and experience their own destiny and purpose. If someone does not want our healing assistance, we don’t attempt to give it to them against their will. We respect the integrity of their choice. We are harmless and do not interfere.


The only way to learn about energy is to experience it. Non-physical energy cannot yet be measured by science, but nevertheless it is real and can be felt and experienced.

Feeling Energy – in the hands

Begin by holding both hands out in front of you, palms facing inwards towards each other, about one foot apart. Close your eyes and feel your hands from the inside out. Slowly bring both palms towards each other until there is only an inch or so separating them. As you move your hands inwards notice the sensations that you feel in your palms and in the fingers of both hands. Feel the texture of the air between your hands, feel its softness and its density. Sometimes it feels like you are squashing a ball of air. Hold your hands in that position for several moments and then move them slowly apart, again noticing all the sensations in your hands.

We all experience energy in different ways and particularly in our hands, which are one of the most physically sensitive parts of our bodies. There may be feelings of heat, pressure, pins and needles or a cooling in the palms and/or fingers. Energy is circulating through our physical and etheric bodies all the time and once we focus our attention on the energy flowing in our hands, we nearly all feel something. It is not a draught from a door or window, or the sudden heat of the sun. It is not nothing. Energy is moving through our hands. It is real. We all feel it and it can be used in healing.

Feeling a partner's energy
Feeling energy in the hands

Feeling Energy – between people

In Pairs

Sit opposite a partner, face to face and close enough for your hands to touch. Stretch out your arms and place your hands, one palm facing upwards and one palm facing downwards, below and above your partner’s hands. Leave a gap of about a foot between the two pairs of hands. Close your eyes and feel the sensations in your hands.

Slowly bring your hands up and down towards your partner’s hands until there is an inch gap between your palms. Don’t actually touch hands. Hold them there for several moments and register the sensations you feel in your hands. Then, using your imagination, visualise a stream of energy in any form that you like – streams of white or coloured light, as threads or thoughts of energy flowing between the two pairs of hands. After a short time see if you can reverse the direction of flow. Feel the changes in sensation in your hands as you change direction.

When you are both ready slowly move your hands away from your partner’s and register the limits of the sensation. How far apart can your hands be before the sensations disappear? Is the feeling there all the time waiting for your attention? Does it come and go? Experiment. What you feel is what is right for you. There is not just one way of experiencing energy. We are all different and experience things differently. Talk to each other about your experiences.

Three or more

Sit comfortably in a circle and hold your right hand out towards the person on your right, palm up or down. Hold your left hand out to the person on your left, up or down in the opposite direction. Repeat the process as given for pairs, registering all the sensations that you feel in your hands.

Using your creative imagination together direct energy around the circle of people, firstly in an anticlockwise direction and then later in a clockwise direction. Hold no fixed ideas about which direction is the right direction or which hand should direct or receive energy. Let yourself experience the energy flow before theories take over. After circulating the energy move the hands apart and discuss together what you have each experienced.