Chiron in Labrys – Newly Revised and Updated


by Kathy Jones

CHIRON IN LABRYS is a book about transformation and the healing of disease in both the sick person and the wounded healer within the context of the natural cycles and energies of our Mother Earth. It is about healing in the sense of making whole, balancing all the energies of soul, consciousness, personality and form. It is based on Kathy’s experiences over fifty years both as a healer and as a patient who suffered breast cancer in 1995 and in 2011. It is also in part a reworking of Alice Bailey’s classic teachings on Esoteric Healing. At the time that Alice wrote her many esoteric volumes the information was given in a very complex way that required students to search selectively through her writings to find the truths she wished to convey. She wrote that a time would come when her teachings would be made more accessible to the world. That time is here now, and this book is part of the unveiling of her mysteries which will allow you to begin to practice esoteric soul healing.

"Thank you a thousand times for sharing the amazing and profound insights, revelations and exercises with us, through this book. You've really brought Alice Bailey's teachings into the 21st century"– Cynthia Evans