Re-Membering the Nine Morgens: the Nine Sisters of Avalon


A new book by Kathy Jones, with wonderful Morgen photographs by Daniela Seefelder, cover painting by Foosiya Miller.

Nine Morgen Sisters dwell on the Sacred Isle of Avalon. They are both divine and elemental in character and reveal themselves physically within the Glastonbury Avalon landscape. They are the essence of the Feminine in nature, in weather and in womankind. They appear as plants and trees, animals and birds, as etheric and physical women as well as in the play of weather upon the land. They have the ability to fly through space and to transform obstacles and resistances on the spiritual path.

The Morgens invite us to explore the nature of Feminine Being as energy and expression. The ever-changing combinations of their virtues teaches us about the movement and flow of energy, and how to be together spiritually and practically in circles and in community.

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